a fresh new brand to promote lamb consumption in Europe

To change engrained perceptions around Lamb as an ingredient and create preference for it as an easy everyday culinary option, we've developed and promoted a fresh, modern brand to resonate with 30-55 year old consumers across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.


The brief

The brief here was to develop and establish a fresh, modern brand for lamb that would resonate with 30-55 year old consumers across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark, and help drive greater credibility and preference for it as an easy culinary option.

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The solution

Consumers tend to be reluctant to buy lamb as it perceived as an expensive and time-consuming meat to cook.

Previous campaigns for long have highlighted rational benefits such as simplicity and speed. Instead, we focused on creating more emotional resonance by tapping into the unique taste of lamb, as well as reminding consumers that cooking is a fun and creative experience. 

The execution

We created a digitally literate lamb brand and launched a multi-channel awareness campaign that delivers inspiration via new, exciting, and tasty lamb recipes, as well as content created by our chef ‘Lambassadors’. This has been executed across a multi-lingual website, print advertising, YouTube pre-roll video ads, digital display banners and social advertising, social and content marketing, PR and trade marketing.

We designed and built a multi-lingual website full of inspiring recipes, as well as a full set of multi-channel campaign assets. We created the Lamb brand look-and-feel, complete with design guidelines and assets. Our social campaign includes video content from our ‘Lambassadors’, sharing culinary tips and recipes. Our print campaign reminds consumers that cooking lamb is a fun activity.



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