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Creating an engaging content strategy for pensions.

In a highly unengaged marketplace where a lack of product knowledge, product interest and provider trust is rampant, we ensured that game-changing government legislation threatening the very future of the company was turned into a positive, resulting in a highly profitable sale to AVIVA.

the expertise we've applied includes:

  • Search strategy
  • Content Management
  • UX & Design
  • Paid search & PPC
  • Build & Development
  • Usability Testing

addressing concerns around pension legislation changes.

When the government announced in its 2014 budget that it was going to make sweeping changes to the pensions industry by rescinding the requirement for an individual to take out an annuity when their pension policy came to maturity, Friends Life was very worried about the possibility of investors withdrawing their funds and investing them in alternative pension providing investments or, worse still, spending the monies and being left with no sensible pension provision. As a result we were asked to devise a strategy to address this concern.

addressing concerns around pension legislation changes.
a dynamic content beacon driven by search insights.

a dynamic content beacon driven by search insights.

We took a very simple but effective approach – to engage customers with their product, what pensions really meant to them, and how they could get the best out of the new government legislation by staying with Friends Life.

We built Friends Life a totally new consumer digital real estate, based on a highly dynamic content beacon. Recognising that the change in legislation was going to raise questions in customers' minds, we built a website with content driven by our search analysts who were able to pinpoint the types of questions that were driving volume in the search engines.

Supporting this with a significant investment in SEO and some PPC, Friends Life quickly sat top of the search engine results pages on key pension issues around the government legislation, driving huge volumes of traffic highly cost effectively.



the go-to destination for pension information.

The content beacon took customers down very different journeys based on the type of search queries they came to the site with. People asking generic questions about pension provision were taken down an education route leading to a product sell proposition, whilst people coming to the site for specific legislation or product questions were quickly delivered specific answers written and/or collated by the team of content writers assembled for the task.

Our set of interactive pagelets used filters and guided navigation to provide in-depth information, served as a combination of text, image and video. In addition to providing rich image and video-led articles, based on popular searches and treading terms, we also served algorithmic recommendations for visitors, based on what they had engaged with during their visit, helped them build up their knowledge as they navigated.

Our solution proved highly effective and the focus on customer needs positioned the brand as the go-to destination for pension information.



the go-to destination for pension information.


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