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A new global website strategy to unify brand proposition and galvanise lead generation.

Fugro has been over exploring the earth for over 50 years, providing geotechnical, survey and geoscience services to oil and gas, renewable energy, building and infrastructure, mining, and public sector industries. Fugro is a truly global company that has 260 offices in over 60 countries and employs 12,591 people worldwide.

The expertise we've applied includes

  • UX & Design
  • Build & Development
  • IT Support
  • Content Management
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A brand stymied by a fragmented online ecosystem.

Fugro’s digital presence encompasses over 100 disparate websites within their global portfolio with no real commercial consistency or focus, no unified approach to content management and poor brand fidelity. Positive was approached to develop a new strategy that would unify Fugro’s digital offering and brand messaging.

The client also had a goal to be ranked in the Top 20 for websites listed on the Dutch Stock Exchange, where Fugro currently ranked 40th… out of 40!

New online strategy and UX unifies 100+ websites.

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Podium finish.

Shortly following launch Fugro.com succeeded in achieving 3rd best overall corporate website for online financial communication on the Dutch Stock Exchange, smashing the clients goal of Top 20.

Fugro also ranked 2nd within the Dutch AEX index, losing out only to Heineken but out-classing other blue chip companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, ING Group, Unilever and Randstad. The site was described by the judges as ‘the real gainers of 2014’.

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