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cooking up increased online revenue for the Gordon Ramsay Group

We’ve created a flexible digital ecosystem for Gordon Ramsay Group to enable the individual restaurants to grow their brand presence and drive customer preference through tailored content and promotions.


the expertise we've applied includes:

  • Digital Strategy
  • PPC & Paid Social
  • UX & Design
  • Open Table Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Build & Development
  • Social & Content Marketing

a new digital ecosystem and strategy.

Our brief was to completely redesign the Group Ramsay Group digital ecosystem and develop an agile, multi-channel strategy to drive online bookings and sales of gift experiences and vouchers. 

The old website suffered from a sub-optimal booking process that delivered bounce and drop-out rates of 70% and 58% respectively.

Therefore a powerful platform was needed to showcase both the Gordon Ramsay brand and those of the group’s stable of restaurants, now spread across the UK, France, Italy, the USA, Middle East and Asia.

a new digital ecosystem and strategy.
a modern, commercially-driven solution.

a modern, commercially-driven solution.

A content optimised, customer experience was devised using insights gleaned from the latest booking trends, mobile browsing experiences and changing consumer consumption behaviours.

Following the website launch we deployed our data-led online marketing strategy encompassing eCRM, SEO, paid search, and social advertising to drive table bookings, as well as online sales of gift experiences and restaurant vouchers.

growing the digital brand presence.

Each restaurant now has the room to thrive independently by developing its own online brand presence content and social fan-base.

We also run tactical and seasonal campaigns, such as our Black Friday Gift Experience promotion which delivered £240K+ of additional revenue over a single weekend. 

Our group-level content marketing strategy allows customers to engage with the wider Gordon Ramsay brand through recipes, chef profiles, rich media, exclusive events and through Gordon’s own burgeoning social presence.

growing the digital brand presence.


rise in combined



since launch

rise in onsite




rise in gift

experience sales



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