A fresh new brand to change perceptions of lamb in Europe.


Positive was briefed by the EU trade bodies to help reintroduce lamb as a healthy, desirable and versatile food of choice for 25-45 year olds. The goal was to modernise the image of lamb and increase its consumption by raising awareness and educating audiences as to the sustainable benefits of cooking with lamb, for both the environment and the economy. 


Pan-European content website to drive awareness, usage ideas and occasions via keyword recipe production and search engine optimisation.

Positive created a digital-first lamb brand to inspire usage and drive to purchase proposition. Launched as a multi-channel awareness campaign with a multi-lingual content hub as the central point of activity, containing inspiring recipes, blog posts, video and interactive content.

Developed interactive, engaging and animated content to educate and engage our audience with key messages they were previously unreceptive to, namely health, sustainability and versatility.

Content carefully ideated and developed, marrying the insights and science of search data and highly creative thinking to drive awareness, consideration and inspire usage to a confused and uneducated audience.

A sophisticated, brand-building social media strategy

Designed to engender trust and gain cut-through with a sceptical audience in a saturated marketplace, Positive created unprecedented levels of engagement and channel/content interaction.

Influencer ecosystem.

Developed a strategic micro and macro influencer network to further engage our audience and amplify our key messaging, helping to drive an overall social following of over 2.27m

Media Partnerships.

Generated campaign scale and reach by teaming up with high profile media partners, giving Lamb the credibility and permission to talk to our audience.

Media partnerships enabled us to reach 1,807,809 25-35 YOs in the UK.

Digital Search and Display Marketing.

Utilised channel intelligence across SEO, paid search, display and YouTube to inform and continually optimise our digital marketing strategy.

Achieved a 50% reduction in CPC while doubling impressions over a 6 month period.

Experiential activity delivering c. 40,000 samples into the hands of target consumers.

Key strategic events including music and food basd environments targeted to deliver samples into the hands of core target consumers in receptive environments. Research showed a direct correlation between our activity and consideration of eating lamb more frequently, with respondents citing a 92% uplift.



Advertising impressions in
one year


Average Engagement Rate
compared to 2% seen by nearfield brands


Record uplift in the consumption of Lamb over two year period


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