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Six social media hacks you never knew existed


It's time to upgrade your social media tactics. And these social media hacks are sure to help you stand out from the crowd, or just make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to social media management.


Find targeted content

Use the search bar at the top of your page to trace content around key terms. Type in a few keywords to search for news and posts on your topic.

According to Search Engine Land, Facebook Graph Search only shows results from your connections, except when you search for a hashtag.


Replace ads with baby animals

Hate ads, love animals? Ok so this feature isn't awfully useful but it's a novelty that will cheer you up during mid-afternoon desk fatigue. The BabyAnimalBlocker plugin from Hubspot means you can replace banner ads with pictures of cute animals all over the web, including Facebook. Get the Plugin for Chrome.

baby animal blocker2

Image: Hubspot


Embed Slideshare presentations

Embed a Slideshare presentation directly into your Tweet so your followers can flip through your content without leaving Twitter. Link to the presentation and it will embed automatically.


Create a Twitter photo collage

Struggling to choose between two, three or even four photos to share on Twitter? Say goodbye to tough decisions with Twitter’s photo collage feature. You can include four photos in one tweet and it will automatically be transformed into a collage for you.

Screen Shot 2014 04 08 at 6.29.05 AM

Image: SocialFresh


Hidden relationship notes

Add a little note about how you met for every one of your connections. Noone else can see the information you put in there. Simply click “Relationship” under a person’s profile picture. Find out more about what you can do with LinkedIn’s Relationship Tab.

Screen Shot 2015 01 14 at 5.06.39 PM

Image: Henry Aquino

Create a Showcase Page

Use your company page to promote specific products. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are extensions of your company page and come with their own messages and audience segmentation. 

LinkedIn showcase pages


Don't have the time of resource to refresh your social media strategy? Our social media services can help.