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Content marketing

Almost two decades ago, Bill Gates wrote three immortal words that have stuck to the world of content marketing ever since: “content is king”. There’s no denying it, content is a big deal – especially in the digital age.

Your content marketing efforts are often the first impression customers have of your brand, whether they’re visiting your website, seeing your Tweets come through, receiving your emails or just noticing your sponsored post on Facebook. Creating positive connections between your brand and your customer is indebted to crafting great content.

With 1.3 million pieces of content shared on Facebook every single minute, we’ll help set your brand apart from the noise and put the right content in front of the right consumers to help drive them to take the desired action.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content creation, including on-site content, blogs, articles, press releases and whitepapers
  • Creative content in a wide range of format from videos to interactive infographics
  • Audience profiling & influencer identification
  • Audience outreach & relationship building

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