Positive were excited to be part of this year’s Horizons conference 2023 hosted in London.

We were especially pleased to be sharing the stage with our client Raymarine to share our joint insights when implementing a Headless CMS within a complex B2B business, with the community, customers and partners. 

Raymarine are a global leader in the manufacture of high-performance marine electronics for recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. Their customers include offshore fishing captains, luxury cruising boat skippers, sailors and professional mariners, and they are a trusted navigation system supplier to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Innovation is at the center of everything Raymarine does, and to this end, Positive has been working with them to implement a truly innovative digital presence. This presence delivers an incredible experience to Raymarine's customers using, a headless content management system at its core. The platform allows for complete control over the global and local content strategy, supporting the entire end-to-end sales process. It also ensures that the mobile experience is as useful as the desktop experience, reflecting the on-the-go nature of the clients and audience.

Positive describes in our short presentation how has been implemented at Raymarine to: 

  • Support the complete sales process: pre-sale, product sell and post-sale
  • Engage and educate customers
  • Ultimately drive more traffic to partners and vendors
  • Create/edit/optimise content directly, to improve efficiency, agility and quality
  • Support global presence of the business and maintain brand consistency

The Horizons event provided everyone with an opportunity to meet existing customers and partners, hear about the latest content management trends, and learn everything you needed to know about the headless CMS world from industry experts.

For anyone interested in learning more about headless CMS technology and it’s real life applications, we have linked our presentation here!

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