What is Kentico?

Kentico is a powerful enterprise-level Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Content Management System (CMS) designed to empower organizations in creating dynamic websites, customer portals, and intranets all seamlessly on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

Kentico offers a comprehensive CMS solution that includes essential features including support for multi-lingual and multi-site management, SEO enhancements, and a suite of online marketing tools enabling businesses to craft digital solutions that elevate customer experiences.

The Kentico platform is recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, and it is highly regarded for its ease of use, advanced functionalities, rapid time-to-value, and unwavering support.

Advantages of Kentico

Complete and Full-featured DXP
A full digital experience platform that includes web content management, e-commerce, online marketing, and personalization capabilities to create engaging digital experiences.
Easy-to-use CMS in-browser editing interface
A robust content management system that allows users to easily create, edit, and organize content. It supports structured content, versioning, and workflow management.
Multi-lingual and multi-site management
Kentico supports multilingual and multisite content management, allowing organizations to manage content for multiple regions and languages from a single interface.
Extensive online marketing tools
The platform offers a suite of online marketing tools, including email marketing, A/B testing, marketing automation, and customer segmentation out-of-the-box to help businesses drive targeted marketing campaigns.
Content personalisation
Enables content personalisation based on user behaviour and demographics. You can create tailored content experiences for different audience segments.
Ecommerce integration
Kentico includes powerful e-commerce features, making it suitable for building and managing online stores. It supports product catalogue management, shopping cart functionality, and secure payment processing.
Highly flexible, scalable and extensible
Provides extensive customization options, including support for custom modules, widgets, and integrations. Developers can extend the platform's functionality using the ASP.NET MVC framework.
Built for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The CMS includes built-in SEO tools to help improve website visibility in search engines. It supports customizable URLs, metadata, and XML sitemaps.

Our Kentico Success Stories


Architecting and delivery a new website to enable a UK marketing team to compete on a global stage.


A digital transformation to reframe the market’s relationship with the customer.

Why do we partner with Kentico?

Positive believe that when it comes to crafting an exceptional website and ensuring a top-notch user experience for your business, the foundation lies in your content editing team and the choice of an accessible, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).

Kentico offers a seamless in-browser editing experience without compromising on essential features. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlines onboarding and long-term usage for content editors, reducing the learning curve when compared to other enterprise solutions. With its robust multi-site management functionality, you gain the ability to oversee all your websites from a single, efficient platform, resulting in a swift time-to-value.

Kentico simplifies the delivery of campaigns and responsive experiences across all devices whether you require a corporate site, an online store, or a microsite, Kentico ensures speedy production without compromising quality.

Flexible, scalable, and providing extensive functionalities as standard, Kentico is easily integrated with an extensive range of third-party applications.

Positive currently build and deploy using the current supported versions of Kentico:

Kentico Xperience 13
The current flagship, award-winning DXP that combines content management, digital marketing, and eCommerce.

Xperience by Kentico
The next-generation, Native SaaS DXP that is rebuilt from the ground up. It is built on the latest cutting-edge technology and has a focus on improving the speed at which marketers can deliver content through low-code/no-code solutions.

Our Kentico Credentials

Number 1 UK Partner & Number 3 Worldwide

Proud to be Kentico Gold Partner

Kentico Quality Expert and member of Development Advisory Board

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