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A Shoutout to All the Covid-19 Superheroes this National Superhero Day


As a marketeer, I love a good (or any) national day to explore content ideas and tap us into the boundless world of topical hashtags on Instagram – #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay, anyone? However, doing the rounds this week, I stumbled across National Superhero Day.


Usually, I’d use this as a springboard to tell you a superhero joke or two, but on this occasion, in these circumstances, it struck me as an apt opportunity to shout about the everyday heroes saving lives and providing essential services on the frontline.


You’ve no doubt heard of a few in the news. Dr Habib ZaidiRebecca MackAmged El-HawraniThomas Harvey and Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong are but five NHS heroes to have tragically, selflessly, sacrificed their lives to save others. May they never be forgotten.


But every doctor, nurse, carertransport worker, cleaner, bin (wo)man – they’re all heroes. That bloke who delivered your takeaway last night – hero. The team currently working on a vaccine to take us out of this crisis – absolute heroes. Of course, who can forget Captain Tom – with the superhero name to boot – who raised a staggering £28m for the NHS. Incredible.


But closer to home, you’ve no doubt been witness to small acts of everyday heroism. My mum, for one, is a hero for queuing up outside Sainsbury’s for hours every week to do the shopping, disinfecting and delivering of groceries to my grandparents. If you’re fortunate enough to still be working, or even if you’re not, your resilience and ability to adapt can also be considered a small act of heroism.


I don’t mean to trivialise the gallantry of essential workers by mentioning them in the same breath as someone doing the weekly shop. But without people carrying on as normal, to the best of their abilities, we’d certainly be facing a bleaker outlook on the flipside, when all of this is finally over.


At Positive, we’ve pulled together to try and do our bit. For some clients, this has seen us rethinking and revising business strategies to help guide them through this crisis. Or planning behind the scenes to ensure they carry on in the new normal post peak Covid-19. For others, who’ve been subject to unexpected levels of interest, we’ve been working closely – remotely – to ensure they’re still able to provide the same stellar levels of service.


But less of us. Back to the real heroes. Who knows where we’d be without the NHS? Or the bus drivers unselfishly putting their health at risk every day. Or of course, the amazing care home workers, who are fighting the toughest of battles to protect the most vulnerable. I for one can’t begin to imagine what life must currently be like for these heroes, as I sit here writing from my allegorical ivory tower.


So, to ensure their acts of heroism aren’t in vain, we must continue to do our bit in whichever way we can; we must continue to stay at home; we must continue to clap; we must continue to remember that however our lives have been turned upside down in the last month or so, we’re lucky.


Let us never forget these heroes, or indeed these times. Not all heroes wear capes, just a badge and dodgy PPE.


Be more like Captain Tom. 





Content & Social Executive