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Keyword Bidding Stuff We Found On The Web This Week


Stats Corner: Brand Vs Generic Bidding

  • Studies have shown that 85% of your existing brand ad clicks would go elsewhere if you were to turn off your brand campaigns.


  • You’re 31% more likely to get clicks when using branded terms in your search PPC campaigns. Even Google pointed out that branded searches can double your conversion rates.


  • CPCs for branded keywords on Google fell 13% year-over-year in Q3, but spiked up 23% in Q4.


  • Minimum first page bids for non-brand keywords rose as much as 23% year-over-year in Q4.


Sources: SearchEngineLand: Bidding Brand Terms; Storeya: Why Bid Branded Terms; Wordstream: Marketing Statistics


Ad of the Week

Interactive ads have a reputation of being unique and pushing the boundaries of what to expect from a conventional advertisement. They can turn an ordinary encounter into a multi-sensory experience with popular examples incorporating aspects of touch, sound and even smell, to connect with their audience.


In the age of social media, going viral is the money maker all brands shoot for. Creating something that has never been seen before yet still so relatable is harder than it sounds, but this brand was more than caPubable of succeeding.


Glacial, an American style lager brewed in Brazil, took this to the next level with their print ad that doubled up as a beer cooler. Yep, we couldn’t beerlieve it either.


You’d be forgiven for letting this tipple slip under your radar due to its less than favourable reviews on the web (1.7/5), but what they lack in taste they more than make up for in marketing nous.


The make-shift bottle chiller works because the salt particles embedded in the paper, accelerate the process of cooling since they reduce the freezing point of water. Just the rip the page out, soak it in water, wrap it around your beer of choice and throw it in the freezer for a few minutes. Science!


The only thing worse than a boring ad is a warm beer and Glacial manage to solve both problems in one double page spread.


Glacial may be a lager but this campaign was definitely an IPA – Innovative Print Ad.