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Wisdom Wednesday #2


After the huge success that was Wisdom Wednesday, it is back by popular demand! In a week that has seen Carillion crumble, Stormzy collaborate with Dolly Parton and the first tennis grand slam of the year kick off, the digital marketing world has been just as busy. 


1. Stats Corner

  • ‘FMCG’ has the highest average marketing salaries whereas ‘property and construction’ are the lowest ranked industry when ranked by average pay
  • Snapchat’s latest redesign has proven very unpopular among the public with 83% of reviews on the App Store being negative
  • #TimesUp was used 217,676 times on social during the Golden Globes
  • UK consumers make the most Christmas searches than any other nation 







2. News

IKEA wants you to pee on this ad. If you’re pregnant, it will give you a discount on a crib


And no, they’re not taking the piss…


  • It’s only the 2nd week of January and we already have a strong contender for the most bizarre ad campaign of 2018
  • Using similar technology that is found in pregnancy tests, the ad will display invisible text offering a discounted price on a crib if the test is positive
  • Not sure I’d want to be the cashier redeeming their ad


Unfortunately I can’t think of any ways peeing on an ad could be incorporated into our existing clients 


Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 1





What is the best practice for Pagination on websites?

Pagination is an often underrated and overlooked factor when designing a product listing page and is generally left to the last minute with little thought. In reality however it’s an incredibly important tool to ensure customers achieve the best possible online experience that will bring them back to the site over and over again


  • In a recent study, Etsy found that infinite scrolling with no change of pages led to fewer clicks and fewer purchases
  • They also concluded that although “lazy loading” of images can decrease physical effort, the mental effort to stay in engaged without clicking and to also remember where an item they liked was in the results list was too high
  • The most useful pagination elements that should be offered include
    • Choice of how many items to be viewed per page
    • How you view those items on a page: 2, 3, 4 per row...
    • Filtering options
    • Simple method to change page
    • Gudrun could definitely learn a few tips from other great retailers (I may be slightly biased to House of Fraser)


Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 3


Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 2




Facebook moves to ‘fix’ the News Feed by de-emphasizing commercial content


The company said it's trying to prevent posts from 'businesses, brands and media' from crowding out 'the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other. Despite the fact that revenues are soaring, engagement has declined, and there’s less personal content sharing on the site. Advice to publishers and brands is:


  • Create more longer-form video
  • Spend more time producing genuinely relevant and engaging content
  • Don’t try to trick people into engaging with content

Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 4.png



Why apps are a key part of mobile strategy for charities


One quarter of the UK’s largest non-profit organisations still don’t have a responsive mobile website and with mobile usage at an all-time high, charities could be losing out as a result of a lack of focus in this channel


  • Just 25% of charities accept donations via their mobile apps
  • 72% of 18 to 25 year-olds would give to charity via a mobile app if they relevant had the option
  • These figures are especially important for charities we work with such as Clic Sargent.
  • Current charities that are doing this right are the World Food Programme (WFP) and Team NSPCC


When users simply tap the WFP app, they are able to donate 50p to the charity. The idea is that whenever a user sits down to eat, they can quickly and easily donate and share their meal with someone in need.


An example of an app that’s great at assisting fundraisers is Team NSPCC. It places a big focus on additional help and advice. Users can discover ideas for fundraising both on and offline, as well as chat with other runners to share tips.


Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 5




3. Worst LinkedIn Titles

 Finally, everyone knows that 1st impressions matter. This is important in all aspects of life but probably none more so than when applying for a job. From the picture you use to your introduction, everything is scrutinized and your job title is no different. So feel a little bit better about yourself by laughing at these cringey examples and sleep easy knowing that you’ll never end up on a list like this. Also feel free to connect with me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/fraserehodson/


Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 7

Kind of disappointed there’s no white beard. Basically a budget Hermione Granger.



Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 8You can tell this guy has all the star wars figurines sitting on his shelf at home still in their plastic boxes and probably talks like Yoda unironically. Not even using the force would help him convince employers that hiring him would be a good idea.



Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 9Is it bad that Kevin looks exactly how I pictured a ‘Digital Overlord’ to look like?



Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 10Cornel is actually breaking the first rule of ninja club by telling everyone he is a ninja. Don't laugh too hard at this one though, he's standing right behind you, ready to pounce with his nunchucks



Wisdom Wednesday 2 pic 11The thing I’m most concerned about with this guy is the fact that he is their companies ‘Chief’ biscuit dunker implying he has a team of biscuit dunkers underneath him. How did he become Chief? What is his preferred biscuit? Is his nickname Mike Double-Chinn? We’ll never know