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Wisdom Wednesday #22


Let us help you through hump day with another roundup of digital marketing goodness!

1. Stats Corner

  • Roughly ½ of all searches online are 4 words or more.
  • 18.1% of marketing emails were opened this year – an increase from the previous year- whilst CTR has remained steady at 1.9%.
  • 40% of businesses surveyed rated their ability to act on insights derived from customer data as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’.
  • Less than 1% of sites visited from search results are considered spammy by Google.


2. News

Uber invest in scooter company Lime

Traveling around London can be a nightmare. If you have also failed your driving test 4 times because you’re so incompetent at parallel parking, I’m sure you will have undoubtedly become accustomed to the trials and tribulations that is public transport. Being packed like sardines on non-air conditioned buses to passively aggressively tweeting Transport for London, traveling around the city is stressful. So when Uber launched their taxi service in the capital at the start of 2012, the population rejoiced at the thought of simple, cheap and ON TIME transport with friendly drivers who respect that silence is so much better than small talk.


Since then, Uber have grown exponentially - it’s now possible to hail one of their taxis in 80 different countries from Costa Rica to Vietnam - and they have no inclination in slowing down as a business. Uber have expressed interest in other modes of transport services before with UBER Elevate, the future of on-demand, urban air transportation yet to have taken off so far. But with London being such a densely populated city that lacks the 8 lane highways of American cities, and more people switching to electric and environmentally friendly cars, the sizeable investment Uber have made in electric scooter hire company Lime looks like a smart move.


Lime are a company that allows people to hire scooters, electric bikes and pedal cycles in 46 countries. It’s a similar concept to the Boris Bike but looks likely to be sticking around a lot longer, and actually does a good job. Valued at $1bn, the 18-month old scooter hire firm has received $335m worth of funding and will let Uber users rent Lime's scooters via the car-sharing company's app. Don’t be surprised to see businessman executing sick kick flips on their way to meetings in the future.



Machine Learning set to help marketers using Google Ads

Robo Cop is an example of machine learning gone wrong. The new ad formats unveiled by Google intended to aid digital marketers to keep up with how the public are acting online is an example of machine learning done right. There is still a lot of scepticism around whether machine learning is a viable solution in the future. As far as we know right now, machines are incapable of feeling empathy – a huge factor in sales and marketing – and are basically just super quick at finding patterns.


At this moment in time however, marketers won’t be caring all too much as product updates to Google Ads incorporating this technology have been introduced which include; responsive search ad formats powered by machine learning; YouTube tools which can better measure marketer’s branding KPIs; plus new campaign formats designed to drive quantifiable business results such as customer acquisition and store visits, etc.


Responsive search ads are one of the most exciting elements being presented. Their main purpose is to help advertisers better optimize their campaign copy to match the best performing ad format for a particular search query. Google back this type of optimisation too stating that “on average, advertisers who use Google’s machine learning to test multiple creative see up to 15 percent more clicks.”

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3. Ad of the Week

Adverts for dentists and toothpaste’s usually follow a very routine formula of an attractive male or female brushing their teeth supported by colourful graphics, scientific claims you have no option to believe, and a sickeningly fake cheesy smile. They rarely take risks and typically stay safe. So when a company like ‘Dentiste Paris Loft’ branches out and rebels against the norm, it‘s going to turn your head.


Pearly white teeth are one of the goals of oral hygiene and beauty and as such these print ads for a teeth-whitening service simply state, “We don’t like yellow.” It demonstrates this tagline by turning typically yellow objects – lemons, bananas, egg yolks and a yellow duck – white because, as they say, “we don’t like yellow.”


Dentist ad 1


Dentist ad 2